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For those who aren't too familiar with the concept of futa, it's short for futanari, which is a branch of hentai that refers to chicks with dicks. While they're technically not always shemales, this is the best way to think about it: basically, it's shemale hentai. Now, when you combine futa with the concept of 'on male', what do you end up with? That's right! Dudes getting their tight asses fucked by hung cute chicks that love nothing more than filling up boy butt with their hot seed. Naturally, this can be a crazy niche, and it's not something that everyone enjoys, but if you think you might like to enjoy games themed around this very concept, I'm happy to be able to provide some erotic relief for you by way of our collection. We like to impress and we genuinely believe that no project out there right now is able to bring you the quality and quantity of games that we have available. The group behind this whole thing are absolute machines and you'll see yourself just how much time, effort and energy we put into the creation of everything we have to offer. Futanari is on the way up and you're free to join us if you want to – things only get better from here on out!

Rapid browser action

One of the ways that we ensure as many people are able to play what we have as possible is via our browser delivery system. People have a natural skepticism when it comes to downloading porn games to their PC: you're constantly worried about malware and all of that type of thing. Well, the great news is that Futa On Male Games delivers all of our releases through browser technology, so as long as you're reading this now on Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you will have zero issues accessing the games that we've got. This doesn't just apply to Windows machines either: plenty of gamers here are using Macs and Linux machines to connect to our network and game the night away. What's brilliant about this approach is that you reduce your risk of viruses, everyone can access our games, all data is saved to the cloud and you can jump straight into a game without having to wait for it to download or install. This, plus the graphics and gameplay are all far better than most games you download in the first place – what could be better than that? We really do like moving the bar further up and showing people that we have an insane ability to deliver porn games that are far beyond their wildest dreams. Now, doesn't that seem like something you'd like to be associated with? I bet it does! Signing up is a piece of pie and you can do it right now with zero issues, so try it out and get gaming, friend!

Incredible community

I think that the community here at Futa On Male Games is probably one of the best that I've ever come across in the gaming space – these guys are just crazy for the content we have and the Discord server is incredibly busy! Not only do people share a lot of futanari, but they talk about the niche, discuss various tactics for the games we have and even try to come up with great new ideas for stuff we can add to our titles. The futanari pleasure that you can get from our collection is second to none, but I do believe that the community element here is something that cannot be overstated. We take our fans very seriously and also have a great official forum where you can post long form content and discuss whatever you want with other people on our project. I've said it before and I'll say it again: out of all the futanari gaming communities, we have the absolute best. There are also monthly competitions and a bunch of awards available for entrants that do well – pretty sweet, right?

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That just about does it for my shilling efforts: do you think you'll enjoy what this place has to offer? I sure do, which is why I encourage anyone with a fetish for hentai shemales to get in on the action we have as quickly as possible. You're witnessing the birth of something truly epic and we're not going to be surprised when the whole world knows our name and everything we have to give the gamers out there that want it. We inhabit a truly unique space and we want you to see that the best is still yet to come. Take care and remember: if you want Futanari bliss, Futa On Male Games has you covered and then some.

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